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Our journey began 15 years ago as a start-up with a mission to pioneer innovation in the security and safety market. What was a small Baltic company back then, ELDES is now a renowned leader in the security manufacturing market, supplying products to over 70 countries worldwide. We have manufactured over 1 mln. IoT devices, revolutionizing our customers experience by providing them with premium quality security products which are smarter, more intuitive, and easier to use.


We are offering you innovative and smart security solutions. Whether you want it for the business object or for a personal apartment. We know that our products are trustworthy by any means, whether it is on the top of your ceiling, on the underground parking lot or at some distant, out of reach place – ELDES will cover take care of your needs. Moreover, we have integrated the possibility to have more than 30 home automation features in our security system for giving the customers the opportunity to feel at ease at home.

If you still can’t take our words for granted, then our insightful support team’s webinars should help you to make the call. As well you may find plenty of interesting reviews on ELDES YouTube channel.  Be our guest.

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We want to secure every household and SMB, even in those countries, where no local ELDES distributor is available. That is why we have launched ELDESDIRECT – our e-shop, offering premium quality security products directly from the manufacturer. Direct support. Fast delivery. Good price. Enjoy ELDESDIRECT.

We are offering you innovative and smart security solutions. Whether you want it for the business object or for a personal apartment. You are in the right place to purchase.


We are proud that 9/10 installers recommend ELDES products and services after their 1st try. The good quality, ease of usage, flexible and fast installation via ELDES Utility tool are the key advantages they prefer. Do not miss the chance to be one of them. 


Nowadays there’s no way to skip the smartphone topic. We are no exception to the rule. Especially when our ELDES Security mobile app wisely rules the area of remote security. Sightly, fast and secure, supports both iOS and Android and brings on-time information whenever something happens. Make sure you get one! Download the leaflet here.


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